We convey you the article published in newspaper “Slobodna Dalmacija” in relation to the introduction of energy efficient and “smart” lighting in Croatian towns and municipalities.
“Although cities and municipalities for years are offered government grants for the introduction of energy saving and “smart” lighting it is estimated that only one third of them used those funds, and very few of them fully introduced new lamps that save up to 50% of the “old” power consumption.
Therefore, the Minister of Environment and Energy Slaven Dobrović as we found out, decided to comit the local governments to introduce LED lights and other lighting equipment that consumes less power and protects the environment. Rember, about three percent of the annual consumption of electricity in Croatia are spent on public lighting, and in many small towns it constitutes one of the largest expenditures in their budgets, and it is the sole responsibility of local government. But according to information from the Ministry of Environment and Energy, not for long … ”