We are showing you part of the article published 21/05/2016 in newspaper „Slobodna Dalmacija“ in connection with work on the reconstruction of public lighting in Brela which is performed by our company.

Municipal mayor Ursić knows the formula for success: Town shined without spending money!

When he became to be the mayor of Brela some three years ago, while he was less than 26 years old many have looked askance on his new function. He is young and unexperienced politician, proffesor of German language, literature and philosophy, and now has become the head of the municipality located at the beginning of the beautiful Makarska seafront promenade.

Local government that kept going in debts, burdened by years of multimillion debts and enforcements which were taking 150.000 kunas every month, and the budget is in the amount of 13 million. Inhabitants of Brela closely followed what will this young man achieve so they can today, three years later, only briefly comment: „Great man, works well, only the environment is bad to him as well as troughout Croatia“.

And what has been achieved, how he justified the trust of voters and residents, we checked on the site –  in Brela, where our guide through this tourist pearl was the very municipal mayor Stipe Ursić.

-Now i can say i am pleased with the things done till now even though there is still a lot of work, but I will be immodest to boast with one project since we are among the first places in Croatia that is fully crosslinked with public LED lighting. We didn’t spend a single kuna from budget- proudly tells us Ursić while showing us a series of 800 lighting poles with modern LED lights on the waterfront. And with significant savings!

The entire article can be read at the following link.

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